Cypress Global


CYPRESS GLOBAL LLC is a creative agency. We focus on elevating emerging and established brands, both domestic and international. We curate the assets with influentially progressive expertise, to articulate your brand's message by developing strategies across many industries. We are a collective of writers, designers, art directors, and strategists working to elevate brands from ideation to implementation.


WRITING: Copyediting, Developmental Editing for Publishing and Writers, Proofreading, Copywriting, Presentations, Marketing Materials

BRANDING: Brand Strategy, Storytelling, Brand Guidelines, Digital Marketing Content and Management, Website Development, Quantitative and Qualitative Research

ADVERTISING: Creative Strategy, Brand Book Development, E-Commerce Build Out, Digital Ads, Creative Art Direction

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Media Outreach, Speaking Engagements, Social Media Integration, Events, Media Training

LICENSING and CO-BRANDING: Category Strategy and Identification, Revenue Stream Growth Strategy, Licensing Partner Strategy, Agreement Negotiations, Licensed Product Design and Marketing Strategies


CYPRESS GLOBAL fortifies Artists, CreativeTech, Hospitality, Education, Fashion, FinTech, Health, and Real Estate.



Based in New York . . . with a global reach